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The Obligatory First Post

Every blog needs a first post, some kind of welcome to this blog. This is it. Welcome to this blog. When writing this entry this blog is in 'alpha', quite a lot of stuff is still missing and/or not working. But I thought I just put it online and then start building on it and adding things as and when I find the time.

Initially I had considered using some weblog software (e.g. Wordpress or Moveable Type) for it, but then decided against it. They require maintenance and after again reading about blog spam (and blog spam killing servers) I decided I just couldn't be bothered with that. So it will be just an editor, a few templates and a bit of manual work. Less to no worries about security bugs, time to spend on upgrades etc. Suits me best for the time being.

What are my plans for this blog? Well, in a nutshell post Isle of Islay (mainly) as well as some Isle of Jura and Isle of Colonsay related entries. This could be news, interesting websites, pictures ranging from whisky, birdwatching, walking, holiday, real ales to quirky news. I guess it will just develop over time.

Happy reading!



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