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Colonsay Bans Caravans

For some people a quite controversial decision has been made on the Isle of Colonsay, Islay's neighbour in the north west: Caravans and campervans have been banned from the island. I'm not entirely sure if this is really new, I have a vague memory of hearing or reading this before. Either way, it sparks some heated discussion:

A quite heated discussion is going on in the comments to the Scotsman article, some commenters agreeing with the ban, others using quite strong language to express their disapproval. The blogs have also picked it up, so far agreeing with the decision: Mons Graupius: The Colonsay Caravan Ban (this is where I first found it, where the credit goes) and Arthur Clewley's Diary: the horror, the horror...

My view?

I can understand the complaints of the caravan and campervan owners, it's not nice to be told to stay away from a nice place and yes, your taxes have paid for the (bad, but that's a different topic) roads as well.

Nevertheless my sympathies are more with the residents who decided to ban them. They do contribute very little to the local economy, as most will bring their own provisions and whereever possible will try to camp 'wild', i.e. for free. They aren't exactly the most beautiful things and I've all too often seen them blocking the views from beauty spots because a camper had decided to park so that he could enjoy the view from his breakfast table. Kiloran Bay wouldn't be the same if it was surrounded by big white plastic boxes. A few inconsiderate (and they are usually the most obnoxious ones as well) caravanners will spoil it for everyone else.



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