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40 yo Ardbeg 1965 for 2000 Pounds

While I personally don't see the point in collecting Whiskies (or collecting anything for that matter) I know there are a lot of single malt whisky collectors out there. Those whisky collectors with enough money to spend now have a new target:

An Ardbeg 1965 has just been released. There are only 261 bottles, of which 100 will be available to UK retailers. Oh, and it's £2,000 (that's around $3,7000) per bottle.

The Telegraph reports:

It comes in a hand-blown glass bottle which comes with a numbered wax seal to prove its authenticity.

The bottle itself contains a sprinkling of Islay sand in its glass.

Despite its price tag, the 41.3 per cent ABV drink is likely to attract a high level of interest from whisky lovers, according to Andre Dang, Harrods food spokesman.

Certainly well out of my league, I think the most I've ever spent on a bottle of whisky was £50 or £60 and that was for a special occasion. As mentioned above I'm not into collecting and spending £2,000 on bottle to drink is a bit too steep...

As to be expected a few blogs have picked up on it as well: picks it up in Germany. The Londonist wants it for their second birthday and creates a heated argument in the comments. And Ron picks it up over in the Netherlands. I'm sure there will be more.



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