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More Islay Jazz Festival Reports

Just a quick update to the Reports from the Islay Jazz Festival from earlier this week. I've found two more reports from the festival, one in the Herald, one in a blog:

Rob Adams from The Herald had already filed his first Islay Jazz Festival on Monday, he has since followed up with Islay Jazz Festival, Brass Jaw, Islay House, Bridgend:

Sunday afternoon at the Black Bottle Islay Jazz Festival saw one of the great heroic deputising episodes in this or, quite possibly, any other Scottish jazz festival's annals.

The BondBloke also went to Islay and writes about the music and the whisky during the Islay Jazz Festival. And the last paragraph says:

I will be writing a much more extensive account of the trip for The Bonds al Fresco, and also posting some pictures when I get around to sorting them out properly in the next couple of days....

I guess I'll better watch The Bonds al Fresco then. I assume I won't have to nag him like Kieren.



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