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The Lochiel

When I first visited Islay in 1998 the topic of this entry had long gone out of service, I travelled on a modern roll-on roll-off ferry. But older residents and visitors will remember other ships:

I had read about the Lochiel before, but not paid too much attention so far. Then I noticed Alastair's Completely Steamboats entry mentioning the Lochiel. As he mentions her to be one of his all-time favourites I did a quick search for Lochiel on his blog, which produced quite a few results. Follow the links for further entries and pictures.

Even more interesting is Steve's new blog with his claim to fame: He made it to the front page of the Sunday Mail. He was rescued in his cot, being only 13 weeks old when the Lochiel almost sank with him on board. But he lived to tell the story and is now trying to find further information about the history of the ship.



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