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Did We Meet On Islay?

While I can't read Japanese (I assume the site is Japanese, as the domain is registered in Japan) I can read Islay placenames as long as they are written in English, the same applies to dates. This is how I stumbled over a blog entry by Bacchus Ishigaki titled Bowmore (1), my interest was further increased when I noticed 'Bowmore Distillery(22 April 2004)' being mentioned. Why is the date significant?

First of all the 22nd of April is my birthday (hint: You might want to note it down to send me a birthday card or e-mail ;-)). Second I've been on Islay for my birthday for the last couple of years, including 2004. In other words, assuming these dates refer to the days where Bacchus Ishigaki was on Islay and took the pictures we were on Islay at the same time.

On the 22nd of April 2004 I was walking near Loch Gruinart in the morning and went on a Port Charlotte Dusk Walk in the evening. The previous day I walked near Islay House and Bridgend. During those two days Bacchus Ishigaki seems to have been in Bowmore, as well as a visit to Laphroaig must have been on the list.

The next day, on the 23rd of April it seems Bacchus went to Lagavulin and Dunyvaig Castle, while I went on a walk on The Oa with the American Monument.

Did we meet on the streets of Bowmore (I was staying in Bowmore that year) or pass each other on the roads around Islay?

And finally I'm wondering if Bacchus is his (or her?) real name or if it might be a pseudonym: I associate the name Bacchus with other things, in particular Dionysus and Bacchanalia...



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