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Planning a Visit to Islay?

Earlier today I found an entry by another blogger about their Holiday Planning. Their initial thoughts were to go to Spain but then they made an excellent decision and now plan to go to Islay instead. The blogger is an independent web designer living in the west of Wales, so I'm sure he'll do at least some of his planning over the internet.

Who knows, may be he'll even stumble over this little blog about Islay? May be I can help him with some of his thoughts:

My only concern is that the water will still be pretty cold in April ... The beaches look good though and there should be plenty of wind and waves to keep me amused.

I don't know what his definition of pretty cold is, but I think he'll probably be right about the water temperature. Almost certainly too cold for swimming, with a wetsuit may be just warm enough for windsurfing. The beaches certainly are beautiful (and there are quite a few), depending on the weather there is likely to be enough wind and waves. But he'll need to choose his beaches wisely, some of them can be dangerous with strong currents.

Related to holiday planning, I'm hoping to get an update of the Islay links page on my other Isle of Islay pages under way this weekend. If you have any sites you'd like me add please let me know via e-mail. No promises that all suggestions will be added, but good and in particular relevant sites stand a good chance.



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