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Congratulations To The Ileach Team!

On Tuesday I blogged about reading that the Ileach, Islay's independent local newspaper, had won an award. Turns out the news had leaked out a bit early, as strictly speaking the information was under embargo until today. Nevertheless they are correct and have been confirmed, so let me repeat:

Congratulations to the Ileach team for having been voted the Community Newspaper of the Year by the judges of the Highlands and Islands Media Awards! A well deserved reward for your hard work!

The Shetland Times, winner of the Newspaper of the Year award, also reports:

The community newspaper of the year is Ileach, based in Islay. The paper will receive a cheque for £300, a third of which will go to a local charity.

I first read the Ileach back in 1998 during my first visit to Islay. Then I added a subscription three or four years ago. Now I'm hoping that Brian Palmer (as far as I know he does all the technical stuff, photoshop work and the like) adds an Ileach Blog to the Ileach website ;-)



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