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Kilchoman Distillery Shop

Picture of the Kilchoman Distillery Shop

In my previous entry about how to pronounce Islay malts I also mentioned and linked to Kilchoman Distillery. I hadn't visited the website for a while, so I'm not sure how long it has been open. In addition to the real shop at the distillery on Islay you now have an additional option if you're interested in buying Kilchoman whisky or other goodies:

The Kilchoman Distillery Online Shop has opened. Among other things you can order a miniature of the Kilchoman 'New Spirit' or a Kilchoman Cap. May be not everything you can get in the ‘real’ shop, but at least something (the picture above is from a visit to the then under construction Kilchoman distillery in 2005).

On a related note The Scotch Blog also visited Kilchoman and has an entry about Islay's Farm Distillery. I have also blogged about it previously: - 08/Jun/2006: Kilchoman Distillery and even earlier (I hadn't started the Islay Blog back then) on my other blog: Ministry of Propaganda - 12/Nov/2005: Kilchoman Distilling.



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