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More Islay (and Jura) Pictures on Flickr

On Tuesday I mentioned an interesting photo blog, Flickr Scotland. The follow up entry I had planned for yesterday had to be pushed out to today because of work commitments, allowing Ron to jump the gun with his Paps of Jura on Flickr post. But there's more to Flickr (and Flickr Scotland):

Ron has already mentioned/linked the Paps of Jura seen from Islay, which had earlier been picked up by Flickr Scotland. On the same blog we also find lifeboat and Boxing Hare- Islay. I've seen hares boxing on Islay myself (I think on the Eastern shore of Loch Gruinart), but didn't manage to take a picture of them. I did manage to take pictures of two hares near Ardnave a few years ago though.

But back to Flickr: First of all there's the Flickr group ‘Islay & Jura’, as of writing this there are 297 photos in it. Then there are the Flickr users from Islay:

The first one I've been following on and off for quite a while now: glenfinlas (who also took the picture of the Paps of Jura). She lives on Islay for at least part of the year, a mile south of Bowmore. Quite a few pictures from Islay, including one of the American Monument on The Oa (where a commenter linked to my page for the HMS Tuscania and the HMS Otranto memorials, thank you).

Grahame joined Flickr in December 2006, lives in Port Askaig and posts under grahame_uk. Here's a lovely picture of the sunset on Islay yesterday. Oh, and he has a great picture of the Paps of Jura as well.

There are probably more users from Islay (and Jura) to be found, I'll keep that for another update once I find the time.

But there are also other ways to search Flickr for pictures from Islay and Jura: To start with a simple search for Islay. Then we can use the tags, a selection could include isleofislay, just islay or isleofjura. Sometimes you might get mixed results though, using the tag jura will give you pictures of the Isle of Jura as well as the Jura mountains in France.

I think that's enough Islay and Jura pictures on Flickr for now, I hope you'll find some interesting pictures as well. If you find any really nice ones feel free to let me know and I'll blog about them in a follow up entry.



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