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Islay's And Jura's Claim To Rock Fame?

Earlier today I read a BBC report Rock history landmarks celebrated about a website called England Rocks! The site lists a number of locations (in England) and their claim to rock and pop fame. For Swindon, where I currently live, it lists the Oasis Leisure Centre, which provided the name for Oasis. This made me think: Expanding the theme to the whole of the UK, what would the claim to rock and pop fame for Islay and Jura be?

Jura is fairly easy: The K Foundation burn a million quid. I don't know how much to believe of it, but apparently members of the pop group The KLF burned £1 million on Jura in 1994. I remember talking with Mike Richardson during the WalkIslay 2004 excursion to Jura about it, from what I remember him saying about it at least some of it is probably true.

Islay is more tricky. Donovan has written a song titled ‘Isle of Islay’. But I doubt that really counts. I'm not aware of any major rock or pop stars hailing from Islay, having played their first gig or worked on Islay. Can anyone think of anything?



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