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Islay Loaf, Some Islay Baking

Picture of collected baking ingredients
Picture of a cake ready for the oven
Picture of an Islay Loaf cut open
Picture of slices of Islay Loaf on a plate with some tea in the background

During a recent e-mail exchange with Jonneke from the Netherlands she sent me the recipe for an ‘Islay Loaf’. She had found it in a book Traditional Scottish Cookery by Margaret Fairlie, although I've now also found it in An Islay Cookbook by Carol Ogilvie. While I don't know why it is called Islay Loaf I finally set out to do some Islay baking this morning:

First the ingredients:

Now on to the preparation:

I set my kitchen timer to 55min, which with my fan assisted oven seemed to be more than enough. I think 50min probably would have been enough. It turned out very nice, this afternoon I cut it open and enjoyed it with a nice cup of tea. May be I should also try it with a nice wee dram of Islay Single Malt?



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