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Islay, Idlewild and Foxface

Readers of my other blog will know that I'm going to see Idlewild playing in Oxford today. You might wonder what this has to do with Islay? Well, I thought I'd try to find a connection between Islay and Idlewild. I wasn't really successful, but during my search I found a band linking to Idlewild which seems to have a connection to Islay:

The band is called Foxface, you can listen to some of their music on their Foxface MySpace page. It seems to be a crossover between folk, traditional music and rock. I haven't been able to verify it further yet, but according this report about traditional Scottish Music in The Herald, one of the members of Foxface is from Islay:

Foxface are Michael Angus (vocals, guitar, lyrics) from Carnoustie, Jenny Bell (vocals, bass) from Islay and John Ferguson (drums, accordion, banjo, mandolin, comedy) from "Greater Oban". They cite their various influences as folklore, ferries, whisky, love, Kate Bush, American indie rock, childhood ceilidhs, Pablo Neruda, Paul Auster and the graphic novels of Alan Moore, which makes them an interesting band, which is exactly what they want to be.

So despite not having found a direct link between Idlewild and Islay, I have at least indirectly found a link through Foxface. Foxface haven't released an album yet, but you can hear one of their songs (Dreamcatcher) on Ballads of the Book, which was masterminded by Roddy Woomble, singer at Idlewild. Not to forget that they toured with him in summer 2006.



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