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Islay Distillery Tour 2007 T-Shirt

Picture of a t-shirt with an 'Islay Distillery Tour 2007' print

After the Walking On Islay T-Shirt (mine arrived last week, I hope to model it over the Easter weekend) I thought I'll have a go at an Islay Distillery Tour t-shirt. There are quite a few people who prefer an Islay distillery tour (and a good Islay single malt whisky) to walking through Islay's wilderness. I thought they deserve a t-shirt as well, so here's what I came up with:

The design is based on the picture of a kiln and the names of past, current and future distilleries. The font is the familiar stencil font, supposed to remind you of the stencils on the casks. I've listed Port Ellen, as it is the first most people see and as it houses the maltings, even though the distillery is closed. Then the eight current distilleries, Ardbeg, Lagavulin, Laphroaig, Bowmore, Kilchoman, Caol Ila, Bunnahabhain and Bruichladdich. And finally I've squeezed in Port Charlotte distillery as the future distillery. A preview:

Picture of a distillery kiln with the names of distilleries grouped on the picture

What do you think? Do the all the names come out clear enough? Is it ‘enough Islay’, i.e. reminds of Islay? Is the 2007 OK (my idea was to create a new version every year to make them individual for each year)? Do you think anyone will buy one? Will you buy one?

I'm also thinking of creating another one, similar to this one but with just an outline of the kilns and the names in a ‘cloud’ under it. May be with an outline of Islay somewhere. Something like that.

Oh, almost forgot to mention, it's available on Armin's Little Islay Shop, where you'll also find my other offerings.



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