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Friday Islay Picture (6)

Quite late, but even this week you don't have to go without the Friday Islay Picture. One of the reasons it's so late is that the evening ferry to Islay was almost an hour late today. But then you get a really fresh Islay picture for it, this picture was taken approx 3 hours ago:

Picture of a red sun setting over a very hazy island

This is the sun setting over Islay this evening, as seen from the ferry. I think somewhere near Ardbeg, but I can't be sure. It was very hazy today, quite low visibility. Jura was almost invisible and there wasn't much to see of Islay. I had hoped to take some nice pictures of the distilleries in the evening sun, but I could only just make them out through the mist.

I'm now at Sornbank in Bridgend, who provide wireless internet access for their guests. Meaning I can post the odd update and fresh picture to the blog. Time permitting I hope to post a few updates from WalkIslay 2007 over the next few days.

But now it's time for my wee dram of Islay Single Malt and then some sleep to be fresh for the first walk tomorrow.



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