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The Islay Birds Blog (and the Friday Islay Picture (8))

While I knew that it was coming I hadn't expected it so quick. Nor that it would be filled so quickly. But the new Islay Birds blog has been going quite strong over the last few days, providing updates about the various birds sighted on Islay.

Quite a few I had never heard of before, but then (as regular readers will know) I don't know much about birds. However, in this weeks Friday Islay Picture are two birds I do know:

Picture of a swan, two seals and an oystercatcher

There's quite obviously a swan, if you look closely you'll also find an oystercatcher. And yes, there are two seals on the rocks as well. This picture was taken at the Sound of Islay during the Lossit Walk of the Islay Walking Week 2007.

But back to the Islay Birds blog: I'm not entirely sure what the plans are, I hope they're going to post a few pictures over the coming weeks and months as well. I know there are a few keen bird photographers among the bloggers, so I hope they'll share a few nice pictures with us.



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