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Recent Islay Visits And Pictures

While I'm working on my own travelogue from my own recent visit to Islay, others have been busy as well making pictures from their visits to Islay public on the web. There are three I'd like to mention today, first two walkers in training visiting Islay:

Walking the Moon! is the blog of Red & Lids, who are training for the Moonwalk Edinburgh and are going on training walks around Scotland. At the end of April they visited Islay, writing several entries about their stay with some lovely pictures:

The ‘good-god-guy’ went on a Scotland trip with Jenny and Andy and came back with 126 photos from Islay, taken on the 17th and 18th of April. They had booked a Ford Fiesta, but got something slightly bigger, a heck of a car to be driving around rural Scotland. Lots of distillery and brewery pictures here.

Last but not least there's Nahiz. From France but currently studying in St Andrews. Nahiz is currently posting a number of pictures from Islay. They are not typical pictures, but a bit more artistic. I quite like the reflections in the casks at Laphroaig and the colourful lichens on trees at Laphroaig (there's also a black and white version, but I prefer the colours).

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did, it's back to my own pictures for me now...



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