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Tuesday, 15/May/2007

Funny Islay Anecdote

Very long and tiring day at work today, only time for a quick and short post this evening. Found this a few days ago, not sure if it's really true. I wouldn't be surprised if it is. It's an Islay related story told in The Diary in The Herald: In the mid 1990s a television adaption of Para Handy was filmed on Islay and several of the locals were applying to appear as extras.

One chap, a bit worse for wear with the amber fluid, volunteered but was rejected.

"You must take me - I'm Para Handy's cousin," he declared in a final bid to be chosen.

"Really?" replied an extremely dubious casting director.

"Yes," said the old soak, "I'm Para Lytic."

And when I find the time I'll write an entry about Islay as a movie location. I think I'll find some material for that on the web. But now I'm off to bed, I'm tired.



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