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Thursday, 17/May/2007

Various Islay Links

My original plan for this evening was to write an ‘Islay From The Air’ entry. While I've found a number of pages and pictures I want to link to I'm not really happy with it yet, so this will have to wait for the weekend. So what I'm going to blog about instead? Let me entertain you with a potpourri of Islay links instead:

I'm not entirely sure what this is, but let me start with Vivecas blogg. I think this might be someone moblogging from a journey through Scotland and arriving on Islay today. At least the pictures look like they are taken with a mobile phone and posted from it. Some of the entries include PSnart..., Port Ellen, another Port Ellen, Lagavulin ska drickas KALL enligt mäskchefen. and !. I've left a comment with one of the entries, let's see if there's going to be a reply.

Not entirely sure which language this is and where the author is from, I suspect it's Portuguese and Brazil. Assuming I'm right then it will be quite a journey to visit the square foot of land and collect the rent. But Islay's fame would have spread a bit more.

Now these guys would normally be more interested in real ale as they themselves admit:

So, what's a whisky biased article doing in a real ale magazine huh? Well, whisky is effectively beer distilled right? Well, that's my feeble excuse anyway!

So Brett and Jaybee went to Islay to enjoy ‘the middle cut’ (and some real ale). Seems they had a great time and enjoyed the whisky as well as the Islay Ales.

Well, I hope you enjoyed at least some of these links, regular readers will know what to expect tomorrow ;-)



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