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Tuesday, 05/Jun/2007

Press Reactions to BBC Springwatch on Islay

On Thursday last week I wrote about BBC Springwatch on Islay. The programme has now been running for just over a week, time to look at some reactions. I had some people I know down here in the south mentioning it, noticing part of it was being filmed on Islay and asking me about it. And there are also some reactions in the press:

Paul English writes in the Daily Record: Where's the Birds? Paul says that all eyes are on Islay and explains how he spotted a guy off the telly dancing on the beach at Port Charlotte.

John Plunkett writes on the Guardian Organ Grinder blog: Why BBC2 needs Springwatch. He seems to be quite impressed with the series, as he writes about the show:

Forget about Big Brother. Forget, even, The Apprentice. The only reality show in town is Bill Oddie's Springwatch, back for its third series and the best yet.

It seems that Springwatch actually has better ratings than several of the other big shows, as the Daily Mail (BBC's badgers draw in more viewers than Big Brother) and the Manchester Evening News (Birds and bees better than BB) report.

Well, it's even generating international interest, as this blog entry from a Dutch blogger shows. He's also followed up with a few translations of the bird names: 2, 3, 4 and Meer Springwatch. It's also being watched over in Ireland: Saturday Speakeasy.

More Springwatch on Islay some other time, as and when I've got enough material for another update.

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