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Saturday, 09/Jun/2007

Views Over the Sound of Islay

Today I'm going to give you the tiniest preview of a panorama I've used on this blog so far (I think). Yet it took me hours to be able to do this. The panorama is of the Sound of Islay seen from the Isle of Jura, a 180° Quicktime VR panorama:

Picture of a panoramic view over the Sound of Islay

The panorama consists of 26 pictures stitched together, which unfortunately caused my software some trouble. It crashed several time when it ran out of memory. These panoramas can be huge (before compression some of the temporary image files can be well over 100MB big)...

Picture of the whitewashed buildings of a distillery near the shore (Caol Ila on Islay)

But I managed to create the panorama in the end. It's not perfect, but I'm still quite happy with it. I think it gives a nice impression of the view from Caol Ila to Rhuvaal Lighthouse.

I also completed the corresponding page for the Islay Walking Week 2007 travelogue: The page is for the Sound of Islay Walk, Isle of Jura. The walk was improvised as we weren't able to go to Colonsay as originally planned. But you can read more about that on the travelogue.

I'm off to bed now. More travelogue and more blogging hopefully tomorrow.

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