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Monday, 02/Jul/2007

Final Islay Malt Pillage Completed

Picture of a skiff following a rigid inflatable, watched by deer on the shore

Last weekend saw the completion of the Islay Malt Pillage cycle. It started in 2003, this years pillage was the third and final one. Luckily I was able to witness at least a tiny part of it. The original plan was for the pillage to take place on Saturday the 30th of June. As the weather forecast for the Saturday was fairly bad the event was pulled in to Friday the 29th of June. Islay time in reverse? Anyway, this turned out to be a very wise decision as the weather on Friday was just fantastic, while it was quite wet on the Saturday. Unfortunately I only found out that it had been pulled in late on Friday afternoon, when I thought I'll double check on the timings while passing Bruichladdich Distillery. It turned out they had already passed Bruichladdich and were well on their way around The Oa.

Bruichladdich Blog to the rescue: Pillage Malt 2007, Pillage Malt Gallery One and Pillage Malt Gallery Two. Quite a few pictures of their stop at Bruichladdich and their way down Loch Indaal.

Picture of a skiff, a rigid inflatable and a fishing boat

I already had some plans for the Friday afternoon, so I decided to catch up with them in the evening.Picture of a sunset over an east facing bay On the Friday evening they were already way past the Islay's three southern distilleries, when I managed to catch up with them they had already reached Claggain Bay and were racing towards the Sound of Islay. I managed to take a few pictures of the skiff and the support boats passing Claggain Bay before it got too dark as the sun set. Depending on how they managed to catch the tide in the sound they must have reached Caol Ila and Bunnahabhain very early in the morning.

On my way back to Kilchoman I also passed the barrel being rolled around Islay for the plundering, they were on their way to Bruichladdich at that time. Unfortunately it was too dark to take any pictures and there wasn't a good place for me to stop either.

For further information and in particular details on how to submit your bid please visit the Islay Pillaged Trilogy website. It's all for charity, for good causes!

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