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Thursday, 05/Jul/2007

Islay Visitor Swap

Having only just returned from my recent visit to Islay I'm still catching up what's new on the web about Islay (let alone some of my e-mails). I'm already finding quite a few interesting things I think deserve a link over the coming days. To start with there are Iain C's Random Reflections. In this case his reflections about Islay.

Iain arrived on Islay the day I left (hence the title for this entry) to enjoy the beaches and the whisky, among other things. He ‘only’ stayed four days, but certainly had the right attitude to enjoy the Hebridean Jewel of Islay.

He also visited the Port Charlotte Hotel, where he seems to have had several great meals (no surprise there, it is generally regarded as having the best food). He also enjoyed some live music in the bar (always a great experience!) as well as some of the whiskies on offer. Considering the huge choice of whiskies at the bar he wonders if there can be too much of a good thing?

I hope has got his spectacles fixed by now and I'm looking forward to further reflections, impressions and pictures from Islay, especially since he arrived just as I left. Next I'll need to find someone who arrived on Wednesday this week...

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