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Thursday, 19/Jul/2007

Armin's Little Islay Guide Draft

The internet is a great source to find information and to plan your holidays on Islay. With the event of the mobile internet you can to an extent even use it while you're travelling. But you don't always have access to the internet, especially while on Islay. That's why I thought it might be nice to develop something you can take with you when you're travelling to Islay. It is not the final product yet, but I'm presenting you ‘Armin's little Islay Guide - Draft’ for an initial review.

This guide is a little booklet in PDF format where I'm trying to collate a bit of information about visiting Islay in a format that can be printed out and taken with you on a visit to Islay. It is by no means an official guide or a complete guide. It is my personal guide, based on my personal experiences. But I thought it might be helpful to first time as well as returning visitors to Islay.

The guide is not complete yet, I hope to finish it by the end of the week. To gather some initial feedback and possibly some input I've decided to make an initial draft copy available to my readers. Please download it and take a look:

Armin's Little Islay Guide (Draft) - PDF, 157kb

I would appreciate any feedback or input you might have. Either send it to me via e-mail or leave a comment for public discussion. If feasible I'll try to incorporate your input into the guide.

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