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Wednesday, 25/Jul/2007

Cycling Visits To Islay (and Jura)

We had planes and vintage cars visiting Jura, now for yet another means of transport. Bikes. And this time Islay and Jura. For the local option I could just link to thewashingmachinepost and be done with it. But I think it might be more interesting to link to two pages of visitors to Islay (and Jura) by bike:

Paul Egan and his friends Rob and Coby visited Islay by bike (at least it looks like it), the picture gallery from the visit is called Cycling Islay. Which is good enough for me. That wasn't his only visit to Islay, he also visited Islay and Jura on foot with Olivier. Not sure which one was first.

Rosie Bell is a songwriter/singer (in that order) and lives in Edinburgh. In June, just before midsummer's day she jumped on her bike, cycled to the train station. From there she took trains to Ardrossan. And then using four ferries on the way cycled all the way to Barnhill for her Orwell Days, visiting Arran, Islay and Jura on the way.

That's enough cycling for today, hopefully more some other time.

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