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Sunday, 12/Aug/2007

Stag Weekend on Islay

Surprisingly grey morning here in Swindon after a much better forecast and a nice day yesterday which was largely wasted as I wasn't feeling well. Meaning I need something to cheer me up, like some nice sunny pictures from Islay. Simon to the rescue: A few months ago he wrote, I am off to Islay... in a couple of months.

Those couple of months have now passed and Simon recently returned from a long weekend on Islay. After telling his friends and readers that he's on his way he followed up with three entries about his time on Islay:

There are more very nice pictures in the Flickr album from the weekend on Islay. Looks like he had a great time and some really nice weather! He hopes to visit Islay again and even recommends my little Islay guide. Thanks Simon! I've just started working on the second edition, I hope it will be even better for your next visit.

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