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Saturday, 15/Sep/2007

Bunnahabhain Islay Single Malt Competition Winner

Picture of Armin wearing a jacket with a Bunnahabhain logo, holding a Bunnahabhain bottle

You know those people who always claim that they never win anything? I used to be one of them. But then I can't really claim that any more, especially not after today. In yesterday's Friday Islay Picture (26) posting with a view of Bunnahabhain I mentioned I was going to pick up a parcel with a very close connection to the picture. Well, here is the solution to it:

A few months ago, back in July to be precise, Bunnahabhain sponsored the Bunnahabhain Burns Supper (Scottish Night) at the 8M Centennial World Championship on the Firth of Clyde. Linked to the event Bunnahabhain distillery organised a prize draw to win a Bunnahabhain branded Henri Lloyd jacket, a Breeze Jacket to be precise. I think you can guess where this is leading to...

Yes, it turned out the winner was me. The jacket was in the parcel I picked up this morning. That's me in the picture, modelling the jacket and holding the appropriate bottle. The jacket it very nice, should come in quite handy with the autumn and winter approaching rapidly now as well as my upcoming visit to Islay at the end of October.

PS: No, this isn't the first time I won something in a prize draw or raffle. I've won some chocolate (I think that's what it was, if my memory serves me right) in the raffle at the Islay Visitors Welcome Evening a few years ago. But I don't play the lottery.

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