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Sunday, 30/Sep/2007

Islay Blogging Roundup #4

It's 5pm on a Sunday again, let's see if I've got everything: Large mug of tea? Check. Plain chocolate digestives? Check. Islay Single Malt? Check. Plain chocolate (organic)? Check. Several bookmarks for Islay related blog entries? Check. I think I've got all I need for the fourth Islay Blogging Roundup, let's see what the blogs had to say this week from and about Islay:

The big story of the week was probably the bottle of Bowmore sold at an auction for £29,400 to an unknown bidder, which is picked up by quite a few bloggers. The story travelled quite far, including to João Lázaro in Brazil. Closer to home almax also picks it up and adds a personal anecdote (using language some people might describe as strong language). Either way, that is certainly an expensive bottle...

Staying with the topic of whisky picks up The Black Rory, a blend made from Islay whiskies but sold Northumberland.

Moving on to the best news for quite a while: The Paisley correspondent is back home and will hopefully soon report of the Islay birds again. Also from here: All the best Ian!

Bird- and wildlife watching held up Becky Williamson and Fiona MacGillivray slightly on their Islay coastal walk: Bunnahabhain to Gortantoid 28th September 2007. This is a really nice walk I've completed in 2006, only the other way around: Bholsa and Rhuvaal - Islay Walking Week April 2006. If you ever get the chance to complete this walk I can highly recommend it.

I think I've mentioned the BondBloke in a previous roundup, this week he posted a rather unusual picture from the Islay Jazz Festival: Clarinet at Rest. Sometimes even musicians and instruments need a rest.

The Bruichladdich Blog points out that Andrew Jefford (who has written Peat Smoke and Spirit, probably the best book about Islay) has been awarded the Louis Roederer International Wine Writer of the Year 2007 and also praise his book.

Staying with Bruichladdich, he hasn't arrived yet (as of writing this roundup), but Jonny Raglin is blogging his journey to Islay and the Bruichladdich Academy. I see another mention coming in the next roundup...

I don't know why he (or she?) called the posting Highlands, because the entry on the Italian blog î£ PîRåTå Ð裣å RèTè (yes, that's its name) is actually about Islay Single Malt whisky or is at least using a map of Islay and a bottle of Laphroaig Quarter Cask to illustrate the entry.

With that I'm going to close this weeks roundup, but not before sending you over to the Scottish Roundup again: It is celebrating its first birthday this week! No mention of Islay in it this week unfortunately, but I'm sure it will happen again some roundup.

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