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Wednesday, 10/Oct/2007

Dubh Artach Lighthouse seen from Islay

When I was working on the Kilchoman Crags Walk for the Two weeks on Islay in June 2007 travelogue I came across the picture of a lighthouse far out at sea. As I already had more than enough pictures for the page I decided to not include it in the travelogue but find out more about it and write a blog entry about it. Initially I thought it was the famous Skerryvore lighthouse, but then that's 40 miles from Islay, which sounded a bit too far. Time for some reseach:

Picture of a lighthouse on some isolated rocks

No, this lighthouse is Dubh Artach lighthouse, which is ‘only’ approx 25 miles north of Islay and 15 miles south west of the Isle of Mull (see also the Northern Lighthouse Board map of Argyll). There's also a quite comprehensive entry about Dubh Artach on Wikipedia.

Now the picture above was cut out of a much larger picture, taken with the long telephoto lens of my sister. Try this picture for a different view of Dubh Artach lighthouse. Gives a better idea of the distance, I think. I've seen the lighthouse on one or two other occasions, but I don't think I've ever seen it as clear as on that day. Having been up at the top of the crags probably helped though.

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