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Thursday, 01/Nov/2007

The Sound of Saligo Bay (An Islay ‘Podcast’)

Picture of a beautiful sunset over a bay, waves breaking and cliffs stretching out into the sea

Standing on the beach of Saligo Bay last week and listening to the roar of the waves breaking I thought I should try to record this and try to create a little Islay ‘podcast’. Remembering that I had a voice recorder in my pocket I pulled it out and started recording. The quality isn't very good and I'm not sure you can really hear the waves if you don't know how they should sound, but I decided to post it anyway:

Here you go, a 1:40 recording with me talking a bit and trying to capture the waves breaking in Saligo Bay. If you can't hear the waves you can at least hear my voice, so you know how I sound if you haven't met me in person yet. May be I should get a proper recording device with one of those fluffy microphones (wind protection) for future attempts? And properly script what I'm going to say (spot the little stumble...)?

Anyway, to get you into the mood here's a panorama of the sunset I saw while recording it:

Picture of a panoramic view of a sunset over a sandy bay

Biggerise the Saligo Bay sunset panorama

I don't know yet when, but there will also be a Quicktime VR version of the panorama (or a very similar one) at some point. It will go on to the Islay 180° panoramas page, I'll also post a note to this blog. I hope the versions above will keep Jonneke (and anyone else who's waiting for a Saligo Bay sunset panorama) happy for now.

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