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Sunday, 11/Nov/2007

Islay on TV alert: Storm Geese

Today is one of the few days where I regret that I don't have a television. Why? Because Islay will be on TV again today. Only for 10 minutes, but I think it will be very good. After all you will see a fascinating sight, probably similar to this, geese on Islay:

Picture of hundreds of geese flying over a field with a cottage in the distance

The programme is called Storm Geese and runs today, Sun 11/Nov/2007 from 17:15 - 17:25 GMT (apologies for the short notice, but I hope it reaches some of my readers just in time):

More than 50,000 geese fly out of stormy Atlantic skies to spend winter on the beautiful Scottish island of Islay, making for one of Britain's most impressive wildlife spectacles.

With thanks to Richard Chew, who posted it at Wild About Britain. I hope this makes it on to the BBC YouTube channel, so that I can watch it at some point.

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