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Monday, 12/Nov/2007

New Feature: Islay Countdowns

The first seed of the idea was planted some time last week when a colleague half jokingly asked me if I was able to include a countdown to an event on my website (we were talking about when I might take a delivery of a new car I'm planning to buy). Remembering that I had used a countdown previously on one of my other sites to count the days until my departure I said yes. Followed by the thought that I might put this to use for a few Islay event countdowns on this blog. Today I started to turn it into reality:

If you look at the sidebar (that's the right column, next to the main text) on the main page you will now find a section ‘The Countdowns’. It contains the ‘Islay Countdowns’ and some ‘Other Countdowns’. As of writing this entry they are:

There's a slight bug in the script as it doesn't take leap years into account, so on occasion it might be a day out. But apart from that it works fine and should happily count down to the events I decide to list.

So what do you think? Is this fun? Is this interesting? Are there any events you think I should add? I won't be able to add everything, but if I agree it's important enough I'll consider your suggestions.

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