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Tuesday, 20/Nov/2007

Some Quick Laphroaig Islay Single Malt Whisky Reminders/ News

Just a quick post with two reminders as well as some news about Laphroaig Islay Single Malt whisky. I'll quickly cover the Laphroaig Live Whisky Tasting, remind you of the Legend of Laphroaig Book and mention something about Laphroaig in online conversations. Here we go:

Anyone vaguely interested in Laphroaig will probably be aware of it already, after all it has been mentioned in dozens of blogs, forums and social networks. Just a quick reminder, tomorrow, Wednesday 21/Nov/2007 will see the first Laphroaig Live Whisky Tasting, a live, global, online whisky tasting and debate. It starts at 20:00 hrs / 8:00pm GMT (also known as UTC for the geeks). I'm planning to attend.

The book: According to Marcel's website the The Legend of Laphroaig book will be available on the after the 19/Nov/2007 for those of us not based in the Netherlands. I haven't found it on the website yet, but hope it will be there any day now (also sent them an e-mail asking for it, will post an update when I receive an answer).

And finally a lot of people seem to be talking about Laphroaig online: According to the mepath Top 30 Scotch Whisky Index Laphroaig is the most talked about whisky brand in discussions, forums, social networks and blogs. Read Laphroaig tops first Scotch Whisky 100 on the mepath lifestyle linking blog for more background.

And that's enough Laphroaig for now I think.

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