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Tuesday, 27/Nov/2007

Islay Visit Blogged in Hebrew

Screenshot of a website in Hebrew

Trying to read a blog entry about Islay in a different language to the ones I speak (English and German) or with some effort can at least decipher (e.g. Swedish, Dutch, French) is always an interesting challenge. It gets even more difficult if they are in characters I'm not familiar with. This was the problem I had when I found Ira Abramov's entry mentioning my Islay panoramas and blogged about it two weeks ago. I managed to leave a comment on Ira's blog and he was so kind to come back to me. Turns out he and his family had visited Islay a few weeks earlier and this entry was a follow up to his own travelogue:

Unfortunately I'm unable to use the correct Hebrew characters at the moment (I won't bore you with the technical details about Unicode and the current limitations of my text editor ;-)), so I'll have to make up my own titles for the pages Ira pointed out to me. I suspect the vast majority of my readers won't be able to read it either, but there are a lot of nice pictures in the entries. You can enlarge them by clicking on them. Here we go:

I hope you enjoy the pictures and discovering Ira's blog.

PS: this isn't the first blog in Hebrew mentioning Islay I've discovered. I've mentioned another blog earlier this year. Not a big surprise to find a link to it on Ira's blog.

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