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Sunday, 02/Dec/2007

Islay Blogging Roundup #12

The wind is howling around the house, the rain is lashing against the windows, time for the twelfth Islay Blogging Roundup. Actually, I made that up. After some quite horrible weather Friday evening, yesterday around lunchtime and this Sunday morning it seems to have calmed down now. Looks like the south is getting the bad weather about 12 hours later than Islay. But back to the blogs. Here's what they've been writing about Islay over the last week or so:

Talking about the weather, let's start this weeks roundup with the Islay Birds blog and the Fulmar weather forecast. Earlier in the week a Fulmar was spotted at the Kilchoman Crags, predicting bad weather for later in the week. The forecast turned out to be right with bad weather on Friday and Saturday, but what are we to make of 12 Fulmars being seen on Friday?

A quick look at the Spot the Whisky Barrel competition: This week the Bruichladdich Blog picks up on Spot the Barrel. I hear Jim McEwan mentioned it during his recent visit to Japan, if you can understand Japanese you can read about the Bruichladdich seminar on Takeshi Mogi's Japanese Islay blog (even if you can't read Japanese worth a visit for the pictures of Jim).

Here's a blog to watch over the next few days (or weeks), as the blogger is on Islay just now: As part of his Eat My Globe project Simon is currently on Islay where he will be distilling whisky at Kilchoman Distillery. Say hello if you're on Islay and see him.

Last week I mentioned the British Ultra event planned for May 2008. James, being a bachelor, will also participate. And Tomo, through whom I first found out about the event, is is looking for a Fairy Godmother, otherwise also known as a sponsor.

Now technically the next item isn't a blog but a forum, but as an exception and because it is written in instalment I decided to mention it here: A very well written account with lots of birdwatching pictures from a visit to Islay in October.

How about a bit of whisky? OK, Mats Weman writes Lagavulin - simply the best. Patti writes about what she brought back from London (Islay Malts obviously). And the Eclectic Elephant asks Is it possible to create a whisky futures market? Considering that many people already own futures for Bruichladdich and Kilchoman he's at least partly late ;-)

Ron in the meantime discovers canoeing and writes about the Islay Canoe Club. He follows it up with an entry about The beauty of Kayaking.

IslayIan becomes MonacoIan for a few days when he leaves Islay for a visit to the International School of Monaco. While the weather might be better they seem to have the same problems as any other schools, Ian is providing them with consulting about the introduction of effective ICT. All his experience from Islay High School will come in handy here!

And finally the Ardblog compares Ardbeg with the just released Laphroaig 27 and wonders if there is a cheeky comparison to Ardbeg in the design and wording of the packaging.

With that I'll finish my wee dram of Laphroaig and declare this Islay blogging roundup to be complete. Not before mentioning the Scottish Roundup with this weeks Welcome to Donorgate though, as tradition requires. Oh, and it seems the wind is picking up again. No rain yet though...

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