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Sunday, 09/Dec/2007

Islay -vs- Swindon Building Progress

Just over two months ago I wrote about a new start on Islay, describing how the rebuilding of the hotel in Port Ellen kicked off after the demolition of the former Islay Hotel. In that entry I mentioned that the foundations for a new building right next to my house here in Swindon had also just been built. Here is a comparison of how the foundations looked about 6-8 weeks ago and how they looked around lunchtime today:

Two views of the foundations on a building site

Now the ones among you with really good eyes will say, ‘This looks like both pictures were taken on the same day’, and you would be right. Not that it would make much of a difference though, as there has been no progress whatsover for the last 6-8 weeks. Even the tools haven't been moved. The yellow concrete mixer and the wheelbarrow next to it haven't moved for weeks.

Let's compare this to the progress at the former Islay Hotel. Almost exactly two months ago it looked like this:

Picture of the foundations with the first rows of bricks for some walls

By this weekend a huge amount of progress has been made: Despite some appalling weather on various occasions over the last few weeks large parts of the basement are nearing completion. The walls along Charlotte Street and Frederick Crescent have been rebuilt completely after they had to take the old walls out in October and November.

Picture of the basement of a hotel building nearing completion

To summarise: Roland and his team on Islay are well ahead of their plan so far and even further ahead of the ‘competition’ from Swindon who started the same week.

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