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Friday, 14/Dec/2007

Friday Islay Picture (38)

That's another very busy week over, busier than expected so close to Christmas. One more week before the Christmas break. But for now it's a least a weekend to relax and recharge the batteries. Something oystercatchers don't seem to require, they always seem to have energy to fly around. Which finally leads me to this weeks Friday Islay picture, a group of oystercatchers flying up at Ardnave on the north west coast of Islay:

Picture of a group of oystercatchers flying over a beach

It's also a reminder to myself to make some progress on the Loch Gruinart and Ardnave in the north west of Islay page for the far overdue Two weeks on Islay in June 2007 travelogue. Definitely have to complete that page this weekend, but hopefully more. At least the panoramas from the walk are done already, they are the ones I mentioned earlier.

And with that I leave you for now. Have a great weekend whereever you are and whatever you do!

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