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Thursday, 27/Dec/2007

Islay Malts in the Duty Free

Right, I'm back home. Normal service should resume shortly. But the journey was quite tiring, so don't expect too much tonight. As I had a bit of time to kill when changing flights in Amsterdam I had a quick look at the Islay Malts in the ‘duty free’ shops (yes, I know that duty free doesn't exist within the EU any more).

While duty free as such doesn't exist any more I thought I might find a bargain. Looking at the Laphroaig Quarter Cask that wasn't the case. They had the usual 1l bottle for €44, which is approx £32. That is pretty much the same I currently pay at Tesco here in the UK, where they sell the 0.7l for around £23. Actually, there's even potential for a bit of a rip-off: If I'm not mistaken and there is another larger duty free size I've also seen the 1l for €60 in another shop at Schiphol. If that's true you better watch out when buying at the duty free.

The one they didn't have was the Laphroaig 12yo I read about in the Malt Mission 2007 #219, which seems to be a UK only. Unfortunately I didn't have the chance to look at the shops at Bristol Airport on my way out as the queues at the check in and at security were too long.

Apart from that most of the ones they had were either pretty standard (a few Bowmores, an Ardbeg 10yo and a Lagavulin) or well beyond my price range (there were various 25yo or 30yo at €200+).

So far for my boring research about Islay malts at Amsterdam airport.

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