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Saturday, 29/Mar/2008

Friday (Saturday) Islay Picture (53)

Erm, yes, I think this is not really the time for a Friday Islay Picture any more. By now it is technically Saturday, so it's more like a Saturday Islay Picture. But at least it's yet another picture from Islay, a nice wee bay and beach in the north west of Islay:

Picture of a small bay with a sandy beach

This is Port Ghille Greamhair, about half a mile north west of Saligo Bay. And yes, this is linked to the Hillwalking near Sanaigmore, Islay page I'm still working on. I hope to find some time to work on it this weekend, despite getting the move of HQ under way. Yes, I'm going to move over the next few weeks. No, unfortunately not to Islay just yet. But closer to work, thereby saving approx 1 hour per day commuting. Time I hope to at least partly spend on more/ better Islay blogging. Fingers crossed it will all work out as planned.

With that I wish you a great weekend, whereever you are and whatever your plans are! Moving house or staying where you are. Good night for now...

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