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Wednesday, 02/Apr/2008

Islay April Fools

Between moving house, trying to get ready for the Islay Walking Week, talking with my mother (who gave me some news where I don't know if I should call them good or bad) and generally being very busy I thought I try to sneak in some quick Islay blogging. I guess most of you quite quickly figured out that there won't be a bridge between Islay and Jura (well, at least not any time soon). So what other Islay related April Fools jokes were out there on the web?

I'm currently aware of two others, one from Germany and one from Islay:

The Whisky-Igel (not his real name) from Germany writes that the Irish parliament has raised a claim for Islay to be part of the Republic of Ireland. He asks what would happen to the distilleries on Islay and how they would have to change the labels on the bottles... There's even a map illustrating the claim.

He hasn't admitted that it is an April Fools, but while there is some true core in it I think Bruichladdich's Mark Reynier's Plastic Barrels for Whisky is one. The regulations he quotes look real enough to me, but somehow I think he's a bit creative with his interpretation and in particular how Bruichladdich is implementing them (Quite interesting picture, I wonder if that was staged or if not what he is actually really doing there?).

These are the two I'm aware of, if you know of any other ones please let us (as in my readers and me) know in the comments.

PS: Yes, I had one last year as well: Islay To Declare Independence. I hope I can come up with another one in a years time...

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