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Monday, 28/Apr/2008

Islay, Jura and Gigha Cruise

The difficult task of slowly starting to blog again. I'm back in the UK now and need to settle into some kind of routine again after my mother passed away last week. There's still a lot to think about and the funeral to come in May, but I think she would have wanted me to continue now with blogging about Islay. She never visited Gigha (I've only been once so far myself), but knew Islay and to an extent Jura, so I wonder what she would have thought of this cruise:

On Saturday I watched a video Scotland cruise (via Neil McIntosh) at the Guardian about boat cruises in the Western Isles. Kevin Rushby went on a cruise on Loch Fyne with The Majestic Line and was very pleased. From Loch Fyne it isn't very far to Islay, so I thought I should take a look whether they also visit the waters around Islay and Jura.

They do. It's not cheap (I think) at almost £1,300, but their Heritage and Wildlife of Islay, Jura and Gigha 6-night cruise sounds quite nice. Their vessels are much smaller than normal cruise ships (they only have 6 cabins), so they can reach areas normal cruise ships can't. It doesn't really say how much time you actually get on each island, but I guess there will be enough time to see a few things and get a good first impression if you haven't visited previously. Alternatively I guess the slow pace of travel will be quite relaxing and travelling by sea will give many impressions you don't otherwise get.

A cruise is not something I'm personally planning any time soon, but I thought others might find it interesting. Who knows, I might find a cruise appealing myself at some point, then I know where to look.

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