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Friday, 16/May/2008

Friday Islay Picture (58)

Finally it's Friday. I think I could do with some rest this weekend, I'm quite tired this week. But no weekend before posting the Friday Islay picture you are expecting. Now don't think this picture is a hint that I'm ‘gone fishing’. No, I just somehow like it, a fishing boat from Islay on its way out fishing:

Picture of a fishing boat on water glistening in sunlight

The weather forecast for Saturday is quite horrible for where I am (lots of heavy rain), but better for Sunday. So I'm hoping to get at least some Islay web stuff done on Saturday before getting out on Sunday: Blogging more pictures from the progress at the Islay Hotel in Port Ellen, writing about the new t-shirt I recently added to Armin's Little Islay Shop, starting v3 of my printable Islay guide and may be even a few other things. Not to forget getting some rest though.

So far for my plans for the weekend, what are you up to? I suspect some of you will start preparing for the upcoming Feis Ile next weekend? Whatever your plans are, have great weekend!

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