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Thursday, 22/May/2008

Armin's Little Islay Guide 3rd Edition

Picture of the cover of Armin's Little Islay Guide

Just in time (I hope) for those who want to print it off to take it to the Islay Festival: I've just completed the third edition of my Printable Islay guide (also known as Armin's Little Islay Guide). A few additions and changes again:

The guide has grown from 32 to 37 pages, the main addition a new section about excursions to Jura and Colonsay. While Islay obviously remains the main focus of the guide by far I thought it would make sense to add some information about Islay's closest neighbours as far as day trips are concerned. I hope you find the suggestions about Colonsay and Jura helpful.

Other changes include further additions to the Islay beaches list, more about good places for birdwatching and a few paragraphs about the weather. Not to forget a few other minor changes and corrections.

As usual I would appreciate your feedback and suggestions for further improvements. I don't have any fixed plans for the 4th edition, when it will be published depends on your feedback, how many changes and updates are necessary and my own inspirations for improvements to the guide. The only limitation I have set myself is that I don't want it to grow to more than 50 pages.

One option I'm considering is to create a second version as an illustrated version with pictures while also keeping the ‘current’ version without any pictures apart from the map. That possibility still needs some thought though. Again your thoughts would be appreciated.

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