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Wednesday, 28/May/2008

Drinking (Islay) Whisky for Bird Conservation

Kind of via the Islay Birds update today I've learned about a new blended whisky with a hint (?) of the peaty Islay malts. It's a new expression of The Famous Grouse called The Black Grouse, a heavily peated blend with a distinct Islay flavour. Having been launched in Scandinavia last year it has now been brought to the UK market. For anyone interested in bird conservation there's an interesting twist:

For every bottle sold in the UK 50p will be donated to the RSPB, in support of conservation efforts for the Black Grouse (the bird the whisky is named after). For some reason there doesn't seem to be anything about this on the RSPB website news section, the The Famous Grouse website or the Edrington Group website (they own the brands). But there is some further press coverage and an older RSPB entry:

I don't know how many Black Grouse live on Islay and how much of these funds will benefit Islay (if any), but in any case it will be good for Islay and birdlife. People wanting to try a more peaty malt but unable to afford the more expensive Islay single malts will have a way to experience the taste. Habitat conservation I assume will not only benefit the Black Grouse, but also other birds.

No idea how good it tastes, but I've seen a few very good reviews of the new blend. If you've tasted it can you leave your thoughts in the comments?

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