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Monday, 02/Jun/2008

Islay Blogging Roundup #35

Sorry, it got a bit late yesterday working on getting the links for the British Ultra entry together. Not to forget that I needed my beauty sleep. So the Islay blogging roundup had to wait until the Monday. Again. Let's hope it's going to be a good one then. Here's what the blogs had to say about Islay and Jura over the last week:

Let me start with a few non-English blogs:

First a Polish blog writing about Laphroaig. My Polish expert (native speaker) tells me they write that it has a very strong and nice taste but is definitely not for the beginner. They also mention the Friends of Laphroaig offer with the square foot of land on Islay and the annual rent.

Unfortunately I didn't have a French speaker to hand for the second blog, suite irlandde ecosse - delphinéa au groenland. With my limited knowledge of French I gather this blog is about a sailing voyage from France to Canada, via Iceland and Greenland. Oh, and Scotland including Islay. Something along those lines? This entry certainly mentions Islay a lot and there are a few nice pictures of Islay at the bottom.

I've had the Russian Islay Whisky Video last week, here's a Russian whisky blog writing about Bruichladdich in Russian. No idea what they're saying, I'm guessing something about the 2008 expressions?

I've mentioned The WhiskyScape Society previously, I think they are from Lisbon in Portugal after looking at their blog again. This week they are writing about the festival: Feis Ile 2008 - Finalmente vai acabar!!! Which nicely brings me to the topic of the Islay Festival of Malt and Music (Feis Ile):

Joel and Neil of - whisky blog provided daily updates and tasting notes from the festival:

While I don't think she went for the festival (at least not mainly) the Bad Witch from London went to Islay for a holiday:

Apart from that Rubbing the Gecko: Young guns, having some fun... is impressed by the Kilchoman new spirit despite its youth and another yacht (no, not the French one mentioned above) is sailing through the Sound of Islay to Loch Tarbert on Jura.

OK, wildlife and birdwatching. I'm not entirely sure if he's still there, but last week Gordon Yates reported of a Hen Harrier Week.

As usual the Islay Birds blog has plenty of news and updates: A great picture of a Curlew surrounded by Cotton Grass, good results from the first Corncrake count for this year, Crossbills and the Shelduck taking her young from the nest, just to name a few.

Ron is Back from Islay and has a bit of catching up to do on Jeremy Hastings nature reports: Islay Nature Reports 17 and 18, Islay Nature Reports 19 and 20 - Gannets and Islay Nature Report 21. On his own blog Jeremy writes about Hen Harrier heaven! and Golden Eagles.

Elliott has some nice pictures of the M.V Quest in Port Ellen. She looks interesting, does anyone know more about her? Brilliant weather yesterday lunchtime when the M.V Isle Of Arran left Islay!

Anything else? Sure:

IslayIan gives another heads up for the ICT Open Day. Register now if you're interested!

I think that's about it for this week. Well, almost. Have to mention the Scottish Roundup. When I checked it yesterday I couldn't access it, luckily they're back today with Better late than never...

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