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Wednesday, 30/Jul/2008

Mid Week Islay Picture

Sorry, still not much time for Islay blogging today. I'm making good progress with setting up the new laptop though, this is already the first new entry I'm writing on it. I've got access to my Islay pictures and the latest version of Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 is up and running. Kind of a version of the Friday Islay Picture here is a mid week Islay picture:

Picture of a fishing boat out on sea, birds flying around it, the shore of an island visible in the background

A fishing boat off the south east coast of Islay. Those with good eyes will have spotted McArthur's Head with the lighthouse at the entrance to the Sound of Islay towards the right. I'm probably not the only one who quite likes the sight of a fishing boat followed by the sea birds hoping for some ‘free’ fish. Somehow one of the symbols of the sea for me.

OK, back to setting up the laptop. No CD playing while setting up the laptop, picking out the picture and writing this entry, but BBC 6 Music on the radio.

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