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Monday, 22/Sep/2008

Islay Trawler Photos

Picture of a trawler under repair in a boat yard, a lighthouse in the background

Thought I start the week with the first follow up post to the Islay Blogging Roundup #49. One of the sites I am going to look at in more detail is Trawler Photos, as there are still some fishermen left on Islay I thought I might find a few interesting pictures and information. I wasn't disappointed, there are several Islay related pictures to be found, reading through the comments I also noticed a number of members from Islay participating. Looks like that site is a great source for information about fishing and trawlers on Islay.

The picture above shows a ship I had often wondered about, having seen it for many years in Portnahaven. Turns out this is the Girl Carmen (SY 247), which was driven ashore on the west coast of Islay in 1987/1988. The comments with another picture of the Girl Carmen on the boatyard provide some more background and an update about its state (not good unfortunately).

Picture of an old lifeboat now used as a pleasure boat, moored with a lighthouse in the distant background

The boat of one of the regular posters from Islay is the Cynosure (CN4) from Port Ellen. A very beautiful boat also from Port Ellen is the Crystal Sea, now used for pleasure rather than active fishing. Don't know what this particular boatbuilding style is called, but I find it one of the most beautiful. Another boat I found a bit of information about is the one on the left, a familiar sight to many visiting Port Ellen. Even the locals don't seem to have much information about her, but it seems to be an old lifeboat (the Louise Stephens) now used as a pleasure craft.

There are quite a few more pictures to be found on the site, so I recommend using the Trawler Photos Gallery search to discover more. If you find something particularly interesting may be mention it in the comments?

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