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Friday, 26/Sep/2008

Friday Islay Picture #75

Friday, the first of two ‘Islay series’ jubilees this week: Today I'm posting the 75th Friday Islay Picture, on Sunday I will write the 50th Islay Blogging Roundup. Interesting that they both fall into the same week. Not planned, it just happened. The first Friday Islay Picture was posted in March last year, for this week I've picked a picture quite relevant for this time of the year on Islay:

Picture of geese flying away over the top of a sea loch

Biggerise the Geese at Loch Indaal on Islay

With the news of Whitefronted Geese and Barnacle Geese starting to arrive on Islay for this season I thought it would be fitting to post a picture of some of them from last autumn. Tomorrow in three weeks I'll be back on Islay, I'm hoping many many more will have returned by then and I can take more pictures like the one above.

The weather forecast looks fairly promising (although comparably cold) for down here the next few days, so I don't know yet how much Islay blogging and other web stuff I'll get done over the weekend. But there will certainly be something. Either way, have a great weekend, hopefully with some nice weather, may be for some birdwatching?

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