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Thursday, 16/Oct/2008

Islay Traffic Problems

Picture of a car behind two council road repair lorries

Wrong traffic light phasing. I'm sure that won't cause any problems on Islay. But down here it meant 30 min added to my journey home this evening. Something I guess I won't experience on Islay, for the simple reason that there aren't any traffic lights on Islay. There's also only one ‘roundabout’ I can think of. Nevertheless there are everday occasions where you can get stuck in traffic on Islay:

With quite a few of Islay's roads being single track roads as soon as there's an obstruction you're stuck. Those obstructions can be of a wide variety: Some people would strangely enough like to see more of it (considering the state of some of Islay's roads it's actually not that strange), but even on Islay you can get stuck behind roadworks. Mind you, after about 5 minutes they moved into the next passing place and we could drive on. Not something you'll experience on the M4...

Picture of cows walking in front of a car on a single track road

More interesting are the ‘moving roadblocks’ you can experience on Islay: Sometimes they're white and woolly. If it's a small roadblock they're usually gone within seconds, if it's a larger one it might take the farmer/ shepherd up to a few minutes to move them from one field to another. If they're of the larger brown, black and white variety you might be stuck a wee bit longer. If they're in the mood they might trundle down the road at a leisurely pace, occasionally looking behind them if you're still there.

Yet I think I'll prefer being held up by cattle than by wrong traffic light phasing...

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