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Friday, 14/Nov/2008

Friday Islay Picture #81 - Port Ellen Maltings

Friday Islay Picture in stencil

Arrived home fairly late this evening thinking of a relaxing evening only to be welcomed to some scary news from Islay: One of the silos at Port Ellen Maltings has collapsed! I don't know anything further than what you can read in the BBC report, at least it seems nobody was injured. To give you a feel of the scale of it, here's a picture of the plant on Islay with the silos:

Picture of a large industrial maltings facility in Port Ellen on the Isle of Islay

According to Diageo whisky production probably won't be impacted, in any case I think the main concern should be for the people. I hope the silos can be made safe quickly so that those people evacuated from their homes can return soon.

Despite those bad news I hope you'll have a good weekend, I hope I can complete some more Islay video(s) and/or panoramas.

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